Sóller and the ‘Serra de Tramuntana’

Sóller forms a hub from which a network of elegant villages radiates, creating arguably the most beautiful area of Mallorca. And who are we to contradict the words of Archduke Ludwig Salvator of Austria? He described Sóller as “the most beautiful village on the island”. Other points of great interest nearby, however, are definitely worth discovering.



Archduke Ludwig Salvator of Austria *

“Unquestionably, Sóller is the most beautiful village on the island, and can assuredly even be described as one of the most beautiful in the world, because here everything is in perfect harmony: exquisite setting, fertile land, pure water, balmy air with sunny skies and a mild and healthy climate. Thanks to the high mountains, it is sheltered from winds. The scrupulous cleanliness of the town and the open friendliness of its inhabitants, further blessed by its proximity to the sea and the port on the northern coast. It is one of those places that makes you glad to arrive and you lose the wish to continue roaming around, with the sole desire to remain in its unchanging peace and quiet”.*