Local mentality, global vision

SON GREC is committed to its roots. This is why its cuisine has to follow the same guidelines respecting a roadmap signposted by what its history has passed down and what its culture prescribes. Mallorca and Spain define the character of an offering reflecting the island’s seasonal produce and traditional recipes. Again, the mentality is local but the vision is global.


When the night falls, SON GREC is delighted to open the doors of our Petit Restaurant to our guests.

We invite you to a delicate journey throughout a wide range of flavors, with Mallorca as a the point of departure, ‘sensory’ stops in Spain and other parts of the world, with a final return to the Island of Calm as a ‘tasty’ point of arrival.

An experience itself in a calmed atmosphere surrounded by our most personal creations.

Market cuisine and seasonal product. Original, sensible. A true bet on the Nature of our products, with a maximum respect to our ‘pantry’.

An unique opportunity to learn more about our identity, also ‘on the plate’.


(Always included)

A morning oasis designed to calm the senses whilst being advised and served by our team. Our menu is a sensory haven for you to enjoy a wide range of local, homemade and artisan products. Freshly-baked pastries and bread every morning, dairy products and cheeses, free-range eggs, deli meats, jams and conserves made with home-grown products and a wide variety of juices and fresh fruit hand-picked from the SON GREC orchard.

Sit back, relax and let our team serve you. Our menu will do the rest.

Hours: 8.00 am to 10.00 am.



(During the High Season)

SON GREC presents to our guests a series of themed dinners. The idea basically consists in sharing with you the personality of Spain in general and of Mallorca in particular, having a direct contact and a personal touch with our team.

A casual experience that appeals to our tradition, as well as a perfect excuse to socialize with other guests, while getting deeper in the roots of our Cuisine and of our Island.

We hope you enjoy it.


(During the High Season)

In the warmer months of the year, SON GREC puts at your disposal a varied Lunch Menu, everyday from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Right by our pool our guests can enjoy an easy menu, with recognizable flavors and fresh ideas, as well as the right touch of imagination and the freshness that defines our Mediterranean cuisine.

Once again: Local flavors, still with a global vision.